Weekly 1.5 hour meetings with me focusing on accomplishing the following:

CLARITY: Get clear about your goals. This may include getting clarity on why you want to write, who you want to reach and what effect you want to have on people.

PLAN OF ACTION: Develop a plan for success, so that you reach those goals.

CREATE AN OUTLINE FOR YOUR BOOK: During our first meeting I'll help you create a thorough workable outline that details each chapter as a guide for you to reference each week. 


IMPROVE AND POLISH YOUR WRITING— I will edit your work and teach you to be a better writer.

EXPAND YOUR PLATFORM- A book is a great way to gain an audience or following for your nitche, story or message that can lead to other greater opportunities. I'll show you tricks and tips I've learned of things you can do while your book is in progress to work on expanding your platform. 

3 month Writing Coach package