• Poem below
  • Black woodgrain finish
  • 8X10
  • 1/2” thick wooden plaque
  • Features keyhole hangers on back for wall display
  • A 5/8” peg backing provides sturdy tabletop presentation

I want to crawl,



skip and fly

to the horizon of freedom.

Never to look back

at all the old memories

that have haunted me.

To let it go with the breeze

that'll lift me away to the new day.

I want to open my eyes

to the new things

in life everyday,

with no regret,

and live for the moment,

without thinking and planning

the details of tomorrow.

I want to jump into the darkness of risk,

blindly believing in my strength,

while diving into the pool of the unknown.

Testing my will in every way,

Giving a piece of myself each day

to someone I love.

I want to live before I die.

8X10 Wooden Panel- LIVE