• Poem below
  • Black woodgrain finish
  • 8x7
  • 1/2” thick wooden plaque
  • Features keyhole hangers on back for wall display
  • A 5/8” peg backing provides sturdy tabletop presentation

To love again.....
I promised myself that I won't just cave in, 
and give in
to any man's intentions. 
To love again.....
I promised myself I'd multiply my worth by ten,
and accept only to be treated like a rare gem.

To love again....
I ask myself if I should even try, 
because I remember that ache of my heart being broken,
and every cell in my body is cringing, crying out why.

I look at myself in the mirror, 
and the answer became so clearer. 
There is no need to rush into love,
out of the fear of
growing old alone.
This life is not a race, 
but a stroll through the park,
and sometimes you just happen to change the pace. 
To love again,
is not the question
but the answer
that I will continue to shower
upon the magnificence of myself
until the universe 
caves in 
and brings me the man of my reflection. 

8X10 Wooden Panel- To Love Again