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Raw Confessions of Heartache to Healing

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  • In your hands

    you hold

    ten years

    of my

    pains, fears and tears.

    Telling the story 

    of heartache 

    that loving the wrong man can bring, 

    the emotional battle of letting go, 

    so that I could find me, 

    and now I'm a better woman and mother 

    who has finally found peace. 

    In my journals 

    I've written all my secrets and stories away, 

    and in my journals is where I'd thought they'd stay, 

    but they tell a story of survival and hope 

    that I dare to expose and share with the world. 

    Baring all of me, 

    and will bravely tread the waters of vulnerability 

    with hopes that maybe my story 

    will help even just one woman 

    cope and not be scared

    to start over alone.

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