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Shareen Rivera is an impactful transformational keynote speaker, Founder of Rising Above Publishing Services, published best-selling author, ghostwriter, and TV Show host of Rising Above with Shareen Rivera featured on Comcast.



I'm Shareen Rivera,

keynote speaker. 

I am on a mission to unite and empower people to believe in themselves again to transform any part of their life they are not fulfilled in. Publishing my first book four years ago with only the intention to heal from my abusive ten-year marriage, opened the door to public speaking opportunities that allowed me to share my story. I have found that sharing is truly an integral part of healing for not only yourself but also for others. A wound cannot heal without air. It is through our stories that we turn our pain into a purpose and plant seeds in others that will last and one day grow. By sharing our story we give others permission to share theirs. Every person and business has a story, and I have learned the art of writing a book to brand both. 

Since publishing my first book, I have written and published books for professors, attorneys, a judge, CEO's, doctors, coaches, entrepreneurs, and highly recognized pave makers in Silicon Valley. Statistically, I should not be where I am, and it has only been through sharing my story to help others that I've been able to acquire so much success in my purpose. My intention is to use all my platforms to give people a voice and help brand themselves and businesses with their story. Besides best-selling author and ghostwriter, I am also the Founder of Rising Above Publishing Services, and TV Show Host of Rising Above with Shareen Rivera featured on Comcast. Please fill out the form below if you'd like me to speak at your next event.

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