Connecting Mindfully

I've learned that the only time someone can lift you up to be a better version of you is only when that person wants to better themselves too. You will never reach your full potential when you surround yourself with friends that are miserable in their own lives, have bad attitudes, bad habits, and not doing anything to change themselves for the better. The same goes for a relationship. If your partner is holding you down rather than growing with you then is he/she really your partner?

Life is about evolving, growing, and becoming better versions of ourselves each year that passes. Of course one of the major ways to evolve is by learning lessons through our mistakes. Some people are only meant to be in our lives to teach us a lesson about life and ourselves; hence, evolve. Time is the essence of life though. Who we spend time with is who we are giving pieces of our life away to. Whether we realize it or not, but engaging with someone in a friendship or sexually in a relationship you are exchanging energy. You're giving that person your energy and in exchange are on the receiving end of theirs. Are the people that you are spending your time with worth the pieces of your life and energy? What kind of energy are you receiving back?

Being mindful of who you invest your time and energy to means that you love yourself enough not to surround yourself with anyone that sucks the life and energy out of you leaving you feeling drained possibly with bad habits or attitude that you've picked up, but only those that breath life and positive energy into you so that you can live your life reaching your highest potential.

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