Coincidences or Messages?

Yesterday I went to get some Mexican food take out. As I was sitting on a bench outside waiting for the food, on my phone, not present in the moment like most of us do, this little old man came up to me. He asked me my name, and if he could sit down to talk. Of course, I didn't want to be rude, and said sure. He started telling me about how his wife died three years ago from cancer and he lost all his money on treatment for her. How she fought a good fight but the cancer won. He thought he was going to die too from sadness, but then he just so happened to run into a woman that needed his help. She was a meth addict and was going to lose her children. So, he decided to help her, and they became best friends. She's been clean and sober for three years and are now in love and going to get married. He said the moral of the story that I want to tell you young lady is that love is always the answer. I'm 60 years old and I finally realize that the money, big house, nice car...all those things don't matter if you don't have love.

Now, as I was sitting there listening to this little old man talk to me about his life story, I missed two phone calls, three text messages, and my food number being called. But, I just so happen to be the type of person that doesn't believe in coincidences. Everyone that crosses our path is meant to for a purpose- big or small. I think a lot of the times we miss out on the purpose or message we're supposed to get from people or experiences because we're always so busy as a society, wrapped up in our phones and just life in general, that we have forgotten how to slow down and just pay attention to what's going around us and listen. This little old man had a message for me that God wanted me to hear, and as we all know, God works in mysterious ways. So, I'm starting off this week not with chasing money in mind or my mind racing on all the responsibilities I have to take care of, but with just the purpose of having the intention of doing everything with love in my heart. Happy Monday everyone!

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