Rise Above the Mass

I've realized that sometimes you are the toxic person. Sometimes you are the one with issues. Sometimes you are the mean one, the controlling one, the selfish one. Sometimes you are the person that is prideful, stubborn, and close minded. That's ok....... none of us are perfect. We all have our moments. But, what makes you special and different is your ability to recognize your flaws, take accountability, and put forth daily effort in bettering yourself. Always strive to be the better version of you, and even though you may never reach that perfect version of how others think you should be, your efforts towards perfecting your inner being is more distinguishing than anything else, because most people just accept their twisted ways of being as part of who they are, and they live their whole lives hurting people who love them, pushing them away, and living each day with a closed mind as to who they could be, and what they're capable of overcoming if they tried. Rise above the mass, and always work on you!!

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