Why Letting Go is an Art

I read somewhere that letting go is an art. And I realize now at 32 years old that it really is. I've never understood how people can just let someone go so easily. How from one day to the next their feelings can change so drastically. How one day you can mean the world to somebody and then the next day mean nothing. I've never understood discarding someone that loves you. It's probably because I was raised being taught to cherish love. I was raised by my Grandparents that were married for 57 years and showed us real love every day, and I know that it's rare and that you have to nurture it. I also now know that just because you love somebody that it doesn't mean they're meant to stay. I now know that sometimes you have to let go.

Everyone does it their own way. Some people have to do it the harsh, cold way. They have to put on their game face, let their pride take over, and act like they don't care so that in fact they won't care, in order to protect themselves from getting hurt and being vulnerable.

Others hold on until there's nothing left to hold on to, and in the process they hurt themselves, but all the while to save themselves from living with the what if's and the regret that it brings.

Then there are those that can't let go even though they know that person isn't right for them. They'll cry, plead, beg and hang onto them until that person lets them go only because deep down they don't want to take on the burden of being the one that ends it. They lack the confidence in themselves to face their fear of being alone and starting over.

And some people, a very rare breed, are able to let go eloquently. They are able to make a mutual decision and leave with dignity and love intact. As if giving their love and memories as a gift to the person to live with the rest of their life and having enough respect to want them to have it.

Letting go is truly an art that you learn in time and your way always changes as you learn to appreciate the value of love and being loved.

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