What is Happening to Our World?

This past year the news has progressively gotten so negative and enervating. I can't bear to watch it anymore. It is one of the reasons why I stopped watching t.v. Last week I sat in my car and wept with the father, Jason Coffman, while he gave an interview immediately after receiving the news that his son, Cody Coffman, was one of the victims at the Thousand Oaks bar shooting. It's incomprehensible the level of anger, evil and hate that someone had to have been carrying in their heart to commit such a heinous act; yet, it's a continuous thing happening. Unbelievably, there have been 309 mass shootings in this country just this year alone.

Active shooter drills became a legacy of the Columbine shooting in 1999, but wasn't actively implemented and mandated in schools until after the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in 2012 where the lives of 20 innocent children and 6 adults were lost senselessly. I thought for certain some kind of swift and aggressive action would have been taken already. Yet, regretfully, there hasn't been.

I had such a heavy heart as I sat with my six-year old son, and explained the shooting drill his elementary school was having the next day. Why is this now the norm for children in this era like the fire drill was for me growing up? We no longer are in fear of terrorists in another country, but now the current biggest threat in my world as well as every other parent are the people with undetected mental illnesses who are being bullied at schools, the enraged ex-marine, or just angry citizen walking around. I listened in shock as parents during back to school night discussed getting kids a bullet proof back pack off of Amazon. I can't help but wonder why in this great country has it gotten to this point where parents are now scared to send their children to school?

This era has brought a new wave of thought, from the new founding science of Epi-genetics proving the connection to our mind and body, to the widely accepted and popular belief of the law of attraction, meditation, and manifestation. People are always now on the quest for answers to the "why"? Why is this happening? Yet, losing innocent children attending school to senseless shootings makes absolutely no sense. There is no answer to this "why" that justifies the loss. What is the answer to the question, "why is this still happening", though? This is clearly not just a gun control issue. This is a mental health issue that is not being addressed by society at its core. Mental health education, resources and awareness are not being implemented into society and our schools instead it's swept under the rug like it's something that is rare. When in fact it is not rare at all!

Why isn't there a mandatory armed officer at every school to protect our children coupled with a comprehensive plan that creates a preventative approach by addressing the issue at its root? Why hasn't SOMETHING been done at every school besides a drill that instills more fear into our children as well as encourages the idea to those that are struggling with anger and rage internally? How many more innocent children and adults have to lose their life before something is done?

I'm not a politician. I have no underlying motive to dismiss the care or need for stricter gun laws. I'm just a single mother worried about the world I'm raising my children in.

Below is a petition to sign to require schools to have armed security guards on campus.


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