Why Single Working Mothers Should Continue to Invest In Their Dream

This last month or so I've felt like at the end of every day I'm skidding around the corner of life on two wheels, barely making it into bed in one piece. It seems like right when I've conquered one obstacle, there's just another one waiting. Right when I receive good news, there's an attack instataneously on my happiness. Breathing an intentional sigh of relief has been rare these days, and I often question myself if what I'm doing is worth it.

I could give up now and noone would notice after a few weeks or months. I could slowly gravitate towards the "normal", mundane way of doing things like I used to, with no aspirations for myself or future, besides being a mom that works her 9-5. I could, and I'd be lessed stressed; less busy; and be able to save more money since I wouldn't be investing in my dream. I could........I guess.

Yet, something inside of me stirs every time I think those thoughts. Something tells me this will be worth it. I will reap the benefits of functioning under chaos one day, and the benefits will surpass me, and sustain my children and grandchildren. I've come to realize that once you know your purpose, why you exist on this earth, your soul won't let you turn a blind eye to it anymore. It will awaken you every time you try to silence it.

Once you know better you have to do better.

You may look crazy to a lot of people. You will be misunderstood. People will talk behind your back. People will judge you. That is alright. Use this to propel you forwards. Don't let your thoughts wander to places that aren't your concern. Other's opinions of you aren't your concern. FOCUS, and no matter what you do, just keep going.

You will have bad days. You will have days where just getting out of bed and dropping your kids off at school LATE is a celebration for you. It's ok. Keep going, and silently working towards that one thing that stirs your soul. Why? Because listening to your soul can never be the wrong way. Because more women need to see other women working towards a greater vision with no excuses. Because our daughters need to be raised believing they CAN do anything if they really want to regardless of what life throws their way, what age they are, how many kids they have, or what losses they've endured.

You are making a difference, and if you keep knocking, a door will eventually be opened.

From one single working mom chasing her dream to another.............

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