Why You SHOULDN’T Listen to Your Friends When Investing in Your Dream

I sat in my car anxiously waiting for a call from a business coach I was referred to, and was told she could really help open doors for me. I knew that I needed to be doing something different but I just didn't know exactly what. I needed visibility, strategy, and clarity. My daily social media posts or blogs weren't translating to numbers in my bank account or opportunities. After I got off the phone with her I was pumped. I knew that getting a coach was exactly what I needed to do to create change. I rushed back into work to figure out how I was going to fit her monthly fee into my budget. 

Then I made the grave mistake of discussing my decision to get a coach with a friend. She immediately questioned my decision asking if I really had enough money to pay someone to motivate me when I'm already a motivated person. She started giving me ideas of how I can get more exposure, suggesting booths at book fairs and writing other authors; all of which seemed like a good idea. I ran the idea past another friend of mine who was already an entrepreneur and had promised to help me make the connections I needed; yet, understandably, he was always busy with his business so he never really got around to fulfilling those promises. He said that someone that really wants to help you won't charge you for help. They'll just help you out of the kindness of their heart; otherwise, whatever help they give isn't real. I felt extremely discouraged, and naively dismissed the idea of hiring a coach. 

Four months later I blocked out peoples' opinions, and asked myself what do I really have to lose? If it doesn't work out at least I'll know this isn't the route for me or even better I'll have learned a few things. For the first time I made a real substantial investment in myself and dream, and let me tell you, the pay offs were more than what I expected. I not only was given clarity that I never had, but I was taught the ins and outs of obtaining visibility. 

I now know to NEVER discuss my decisions of investing in myself with  friends or family. Why? Because most people do not invest money in their dream. Most people will only invest into something that has guaranteed success or is towards enhancing their physical appearance. If you have a dream, know in your heart that something you can't see will one day manifest into reality, then chase it with everything you have in your power, including your money. Invest in it. Give it your all; otherwise, you need to ask yourself do you really believe in it? If you don't believe in it whole heartedly then why should anyone else? 

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