What is Your Power and Why You Must Own It?

Your strength intimidates some people. When you have gone through many extraordinary trials in life and have come out each time stronger and better, that intimidates people. Your strength makes others question their own ways, so many will try to discredit you in attempts to bring you down so they feel better about themselves. It took me a long time to recognize these people in my life. I've let others make me question myself; my worthiness; my strength; my power. I've let others mistreat me and tried to understand them thinking it was me. They've tried to beat me down with their words. They've laughed and sneered at me, hoping to make me go away. They've left me, thinking I'd become weak and fail. What I've come to realize is that once you OWN your strength, you are an unstoppable force!!!!! You're focus is your strength. You're energy is your strength. Your mind is your strength. OWN IT! That is your power!!! It took me 34 years to finally own mine, but now that I have, it is unlimited power that burns inside of me, fueled by my desire to RISE ABOVE everything that I was born into; everything that has brought me down; held me down; beaten me down; and anything that tries to keep me down. I believe in the power of rising, transcendence to the next level mentally, spiritually, physically, and financially. I believe in the power of helping others rise to the top with you. If you're reading this I speak greatness on you, on your mind, your body, your finances, your family, your soul.

Lets RISE together and make this world a better place for our children. A place where they don't have to learn to own their strength, they just naturally do because they see their mothers and fathers doing that on a daily basis. A place where they naturally want to rise instead of wasting their time, because they see us doing that every day. A place where they learn to get on their knees and thank God, because they see us not acting entitled and being grateful to our heavenly Father. A place where they're expectation isn't how much they get, but how much they give. A place where the craving for learning and knowledge never ends, because they see us remaining a student of life. I believe in the power to rise, but first, it starts with owning your strength. Share this. Someone needs to read it.

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