Since entering the Ghostwriting and Coach Writing arena I've heard every possible excuse as to why people are hesitant about turning their story into a book and what blockages they face during the writing process. It really doesn't have to be as difficult as our minds would like us to believe, and there is absolutely nothing wrong about hiring someone to help you through the process so that you can get your book done faster and more efficiently. But, if you are wanting to do it all on your own, here are a few tips that I've learned that can help you through the process:

1) STOP CARING WHAT OTHERS WILL THINK AND SAY: This is by far the most common fear and excuse I hear from people that keep putting off their book. They are so worried about what family members, exes, friends, and the rest of the world will say about their story. Here's the reality of it: Yes, your truth will hurt some people's feelings. Yes, some people might get mad at you. Yes, some people will talk about you. Yes, some people might stop talking to you. The most important factor to remember is that until you can own YOUR truth, YOUR past, you will never be able to fully own your identity and truly embody the person you want to be because you'll always be hiding behind the mask that you show the world. I believe that owning your story is a huge step towards owning your identity, accepting your past, and empowering yourself by inspiring and empowering others through sharing it. People that are not supposed to be in your life will leave, and the ones that are supposed to stay will. It's that simple. Everyone must confront the truth at some point in their journey and in their own way. You cannot live your life walking on eggshells trying to please everyone. It's not only extremely limiting but exhausting. If you want to take the extraordinary steps to embodying your power and helping others through it than you must know that you cannot do this while remaining quiet.

2) CREATE AN OUTLINE: An outline is a GPS for writing. It gives you focus and structure. It helps stop you from feeling overwhelmed by having to tell your whole story, not knowing where to start, what to include, and how to format it into chapters. Creating an outline will allow you to know exactly what area you're focusing on, what stories you are going to include, and what chapter they will be in. This is the first thing I do with my clients but also a service I offer a la carte. Don't hesitate to contact me if you are having difficulty crafting your outline.

3) WHAT IS YOUR BOOK'S TITLE?: I have found that figuring out your title during the process of crafting the outline helps give you even more clarity while writing and builds a mass amount of momentum; which is a great thing. There's something about having a title that makes it feel more real.

4) DO NOT EDIT WHILE WRITING: Trying to edit your work while writing is a HUGE distraction and will quickly suck the creative juices. It's so much more efficient and less stressful to just focus on writing while writing. Don't worry about the misspelled words or the lack of punctuation. All those things can be fixed LATER. Getting your thoughts out of you is the first and most important task.

5) STEP AWAY AND READ IT LATER: Do not read your work immediately after writing it. This is the time you are the most critical and will find something wrong with every sentence. It's best to step away and read it even the next day with fresh eyes.

6) INVEST IN THE FINAL TOUCHES: Ok, your book is complete, now what? First, you need a front and back cover, and I highly recommend you get a professional to design one for you. A bad cover can significantly hinder your sales. The saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover," does NOT apply here, because your book will be judged by its cover. Second, don't format your book for e-book and print unless you have the software. It won't look as clean and professional. This is a service I also offer, and this small investment is definitely worth it.

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