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Shareen Rivera is an impactful transformational keynote speaker, Founder of Rising Above Publishing Services,

published best-selling author, and ghostwriter.



I'm Shareen Rivera,

keynote speaker. 

I am on a mission to help the world heal one story at a time. Almost anyone that has experienced trauma, especially childhood trauma, has felt alone at some point in their life. Many lose their confidence and somewhere down the line stop believing in themselves.


I published my first book in 2017 with only the intention to heal from my abusive marriage and to connect with other women that could relate. I had no idea how that one decision would completely alter my life forever.


I took a step of faith in myself and God met me where I was at, placing me on the direct path to healing. Nothing great is ever accomplished alone, and people were placed along my path throughout my journey to help me. 


At the time, I was presented with opportunities to engage in ghostwriting, a concept I was unfamiliar with, and public speaking, which happened to be one of my greatest fears. However, it was through my experience in ghostwriting that I had the privilege of absorbing the wisdom and knowledge of all my clients, which I have been able to apply to my own life.

Since then, I have ghostwritten 35 books and have spoken on stages all over the country on the power of sharing our story and how to use your story to brand your business. 

Through my experience in ghostwriting, I have come to understand that every business and individual possesses a unique narrative.


It is through the power of storytelling that one can not only inspire others but also establish their personal brand. Additionally, sharing one's story is an essential component of the healing process, benefiting both oneself and others. I have witnessed firsthand the profound impact that sharing their complete story has had on each of my clients, as they have experienced remarkable healing and transformation.

It is through our stories that we turn our pain into a purpose and plant seeds in others while also giving them permission to share theirs. 

Please fill out the contact form if you're interested in learning about in learning more about my ghostwriting services or booking me to speak at your event. 

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