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While I was married I wrote almost every day for ten years. After l left I was unpacking my box of journals that I never dreamed anyone would read the contents of, and I realized that my story is one that so many women can identify with. Unlike myself, many women, I have discovered are stuck in their toxic relationship for whatever reason and feel alone. My first book is a compilation of chosen poems telling my story in explicit raw detail of leaving all that I knew for a decade to start over on my own and discover the ability to forgive and love again. 

My newest book, "to love again", is a reflection of lessons learned on how to remain open to love after childhood trauma and heartbreak. 


I’ve had a very unique life, and was graced with the blessing of being raised by my Grandparents who were very much in love for 57 years until my Grandpa took his last breath. I got the rare opportunity to witness love every single day growing up, and was taught through example of what it means to have enduring love, to be loving, and how to receive love. I know that the era my Grandparents got married in was very different, but the fundamental concept of the importance of a real  connection and lasting love, I think, has been lost in this day of age by our disconnection with each other and ourselves. I discuss this and translate the lessons that I’ve learned that implement the simplicity of love into our lives so that we’re always open to it, because it truly is the answer to all things.


I was asked to have a chapter in this book along with other amazing influential women. My chapter is titled, "Rising Above", and for the first time, I write my full story from childhood to motherhood describing the incidents that conditioned me to accept abuse and mistreatment. I explicitly explain the childhood trauma that I endured in hopes for others to resonate and understand that the first step towards change is awareness.


Becoming aware gives us a choice to choose to react the same we always have, or to choose a different path that leads to peace and development. Change can be scary and sometimes uncertain, but when it leads you away from a situation that has disrupted your peace, it is always the right way.